Course Introduction

by your tutor, Damien Lovegrove

Lovegrove Photography School Products

These three products complement each other perfectly. Together they form the ultimate portrait photography training package.

Damien Lovegrove teaching lighting surrounded by lights
Portrait Lighting Mastery

This extensive course covers everything you need to know about lighting portraits. All the knowledge you need to transform your skills, develop confidence, and take better pictures.

This course covers controlling natural light, studio lighting setups, location portraits with flash, and much more. I cover how to find locations, models, and communication.

Learn the art of shooting portraits like a pro today. Enroll in this online course to become a portrait lighting expert.

An avenue of trees with the title LUMEN superimposed

Make the world your portrait studio with this feature-length video production.

Master the use of flash on location.

Learn how to control the flash and ambient parts of the exposure to get just the look that you want.

25 chapters filled with simple, effective tips and strategies for creating beautiful portraits. Aimed at photography professionals, enthusiastic hobbyists, and students alike.

2-hour 24-minutes of pure gold.

the portraits eboon on an iphone sitting on a desk
The definitive guide to photographing portraits

A masterwork by Damien Lovegrove

  • Every picture has the exposure details and lighting notes
  • There are over 50,000 words of creative vision
  • The ultimate how-to guide to portrait photography
  • Beautifully designed for a wonderful reader experience
  • PDF format – for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac

"Elevate your portraiture and create captivating images that leave a lasting impression." Damien Lovegrove