How it works

Consultation or Critique - The choice is yours

If you would like a picture review or critique session, please send me about 30 RAW format pictures the day before our session. You can use to send them to [email protected] or you can upload them to any cloud service (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) and share the link with me. I'll import your photographs into Lightroom ahead of our session to save time. After our session, I will send you a link to the recording and the XMPs of any pictures that I've adjusted.

If you would like a consultation and to set the agenda for our discussion please prepare some questions ahead of our session. You can share them with me if you think it will help the flow. Please also email me any links that will be needed in our discussion. You can email me here.

All 1:1 Zoom sessions are recorded to the cloud.

"Unlock your photography potential with expert insights shared freely in a fun, engaging, and profoundly impactful way. Soak up my passion for photography as you further develop your intuitive sense of light and composition. Each of my coaching sessions is full of heartfelt guidance, tailored to exceed your expectations." Damien Lovegrove

Meet your mentor

Damien Lovegrove is considered by many to be one of the world’s most influential contemporary photographers. His instantly recognisable, beautifully crafted portraits can be found across publications all over the world.

Damien stepped away from an illustrious 14-year career at the BBC as a cameraman and lighting director back in 1998. Since then, his groundbreaking style has won numerous awards and fashioned the front pages of countless magazines and journals. Renowned firstly for his wedding photography, in later years his stylistic portrait work has cemented his international reputation and following.

Over the last two decades, Damien has not only captured life’s most intimate moments but has also shared his wealth of knowledge, skills, and expertise with photographers worldwide. With his infectious enthusiasm and a keen eye for even the minutest detail, he’s a master craftsman who is happy to share the secrets of his success.

"Each session is designed to be fun, engaging, and transformative, It's more than just learning; it's about discovering new possibilities in your photography journey and capturing moments with a newfound confidence and flair." Damien Lovegrove