Introduction to Portrait Lighting Mastery

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One of the big features of this course is the Zoom sessions. These sessions are exclusive and complimentary to students and happen about once every 5 weeks or so. You can send me questions using this form and I'll answer them directly in the Zoom session. 10 sessions have been scheduled for 2024 and you can pop these dates into your diary.

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Assignment pictures

If you are happy with a creative critique by me and fellow students, feel free to upload three pictures (max 1024 pixels on the longest side) to the comments section in each of the creative assignments. Feel free to email me for private critiques of up to three photographs from each assignment.

Aims of the course

My aim is for you to enjoy the process of making beautifully lit portraits. There are many aspects of portrait photography that overlap somewhat so expect me to occasionally delve into related topics like the emotional resonance of an image or the harmony in its composition.

Part of mastering portrait lighting is about experimentation and discovering your personal preferences. It's about exploring different tools and techniques - whether you find yourself gravitating towards using a single baffle or opting for no baffles in a softbox for instance, or if you prefer the effect a silver umbrella has on skin textures compared to a white one.

My goal with this course is to arm you with ample knowledge and creative ideas, empowering you to refine and define your personal photographic style in portrait photography. Your success with this course will be largely determined by the time you spend on the assignments. I can give you the information that you need, but it is by applying this information that you will internalise it and it will become knowledge. Apply the knowledge, evolve with it, and it will become wisdom.

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