The Recce

The recce for the Italy 2024 workshops

Here is my recce map with over 100 pins placed where abandoned buildings stand in this particular part of Tuscany. It has taken me 5 evenings to scour Google Earth to identify these clusters of potential shoot locations.

My next job is to visit them all. I'll drive down from the UK setting off in mid-March and I'll be back in early April. If all goes to plan I will have enough shoot spots for two sets of workshops.

I am basing my trip around the lovely hilltop town of Massa Marittima and the splendid Tuscan city of Siena.

This is a small selection of the buildings that I will be exploring in March.

While I'm in Tuscany I will be shooting with four models in the best of these locations. As requested, I'll set up a couple of video cameras to record behind-the-scenes videos exclusively for publishing within this course. So look out for those new videos from mid-April.

The September workshops will be made available for booking as soon as I'm back in the UK. But for now, save these dates. Workshop 1 will run from 03 to 06 September and if we have the demand I'll run a second workshop from 10 to 13 September.

If you want advanced notice of the workshops in Italy please sign up here.

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