How to find models to shoot

The three model/ photographer hookup sites that I mentioned in the video are:

My profile on PurplePort
My profile on Model Mayhem
Model Kartei

The most valuable aspects of the sites are the casting sections. There are excellent models from other countries that spend their time touring. For instance, Mischkah from Norway tours the UK and puts out casting calls listing the dates and areas where she is available to shoot. I must mention at this point that Mischkah has a UK passport because there are countries where it is illegal for foreign models to tout for business without a work permit. You will see invites for group shoots in the casting sections, and these can be a fun way to meet new models and make friends with fellow photographers.

My profile on Instagram. I mention Instagram because you can follow a trail from one model via their followers and the people that they are following to lead you to other models. It takes time but Instagram is a good place to cross-reference a PurplePort profile for instance.

When I'm looking for a model, I'm looking for a range of expressions. The ability to be natural on camera and for their photographs to look genuine. Your priorities may be different.

If you have found other sources of models that need a mention please share them in the comments section below.

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