Overview of the course


This course structure aims to provide a comprehensive and practical understanding of portrait lighting, balancing technical knowledge, creative expression, and real-world application.

Find and buy new lighting kit easily

I have linked to as much of the kit mentioned in the videos and notes as possible. I've used Amazon links because these are the most likely to survive even if the product is discontinued. The link will give the exact keywords to use in a Google search to find stock online on other marketplaces like eBay.


I believe that the real learning comes when you put into practice what you learn online. It is through a process of trial, error, test and measure, that you will become a master of your craft.

Learning to use light can be frustrating at times and when something isn't working you might just find that you are only a few degrees of subject rotation from success. The slightest of tweaks to a light might just be all that is needed to make a picture come alive.

There is a world of difference between illuminating a scene and lighting someone within a scene. I will teach you how to do the latter.

The only rule that counts

"If a shot looks good, it is good." Damien Lovegrove

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